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Uforever21= You Forever 21 Years Old.

I have a very young-looking mom, and when I go out shopping with my mom, we get mistaken for sisters. A lot of people think it's weird that we're mother-daughter, but it's true. A lot of people have also come to ask how my mom keeps herself looking young all the time. Later, after my mother's answer, we learned that a young heart is the key to maintaining youth and beauty. I was very touched and inspired by my mother's answer, and I wanted to create a young and dynamic brand. Over the years, with the trust and support of our users, our team has gradually expanded. We have partnered senior designers all over the country who specialize in young and stylish clothes for women. We have always firmly believed that with a young and energetic heart, you will always be 21 years old, and fashion will not stop because of age. This is our brand:uforever21

Our Slogan

You Forever young,  You Forever loving, You Forever 21!

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